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About Us

Sydney Ventilation is an Australian owned and an operated company which specialises in providing outstanding product and services to our clients. We are an emerging company that aim to prosper and deliver the required outcomes. Our team is highly qualified and trained to provide professionalism and an outstanding installation to any development. We are certified to solve all ventilation work in Sydney. We are very proficient in meeting our client’s needs which would be provided in the quote which shows all the installation and progress of the development.

We will Design, Comply, Install & Certify your Carpark Ventilation System

Sydney Ventilation services specialise in providing a ventilation system solution to meet the needs of unique housing. We have been operating for several years through our products and services which we aim to deliver substantial standards in any given industry. Over the years, the business has experienced constant development as we offer professional services to our clients and partners.

We are always committed to provide continuous improvements within our customer relationships shown through our product offering. Our team is highly qualified and trained to perform an outstanding job built over the years within this industry and proven record of high achievements. Our reputation withholds a superior standard and professionalism making us one of the leading experts in this industry. Sydney Ventilation complies by the AS1668-1 and AS1668-2 BCA requirements for all ventilation work.

Our main services include:

  • Carpark Mechanical Ventilation
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Refurbishment
  • Garbage Exhaust
  • Bathroom Ventilation
  • Lobby Fresh Air Supply
  • Jet fan System
  • Sub- Floor Ventilation
  • System Mechanical Boards