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Sub floor ventilation is to extract the humid air and to displace it with fresh air from and into the sub floor area. This can also be applied to heat. Powered roof ventilation systems extract the hot air while allowing cooler air to enter the rood space.

This type of ventilation help to create a healthy environment by avoiding the build- up of moisture, gases, mould and any other odours that may present. However, sub floor ventilation is vital as a last line ofdefence as any unwanted moisture or humidity under your home can easily be swept up by an envirofan sub- floor ventilation solution.
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Enjoy your new system with minimal impact to your home or structure. Vents come in a range of styles and colours. Made to go with your housing style and environment. Call us today for a quote or to find out more.

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The benefits of a Sub Floor Ventilation System outweighs the costs of installation. Improve your families health and happiness in the home as we tend to spend more time there.